Offering Job Opportunities to Ukrainian Refugees

Enplus Inc. (a subsidiary of Ricoh Leasing; headquartered in Chuo-ku, Tokyo; CEO Kana Kumoshita, ; hereinafter “Enplus”) announced to support the people arriving from Ukraine due to the current refugee crisis by offering job opportunities at Enplus, and will offer relocation services of housing and essential living solutions to any governments or companies upon request. The proposal has been officially accepted by the Immigration Services Agency of Japan as of today. 


Enplus will offer job and housing opportunities to those able to communicate in English and/or have specialist skills. 

Enplus will also offer 200 furnished apartments to governments and companies in Tokyo. 

・Qualification Requirements

‐Open to all age, gender, education background

‐Communication in English or Japanese

‐Proof of Refugee Status

‐Attend onsite work at Enplus office or properties in Tokyo, Japan

‐Essential computer skills

Employment support period

 April 2022 – March 2023

 *Subject to change depending on the government policy

・Work contents

Global relocation business: property management, foreign client support (Depending on the persons’ skills)

・About Enplus
 Enplus offers global relocation services of total housing support for international employees who are working in Japan and overseas. The support related to mobilization of employees has been offered to more than 8,000 corporations since 2004. Joining the Ricoh Leasing Group, since November 2020, Enplus conducts its business inspired by its Mission of “Advancing the Globalization of Japan” and Vision of “More Value, Less Barrier”. 

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